Security from experience

Standing at the threshold of prevention and response, our team’s vast experience with cyber risk practice and crisis management is a significant asset for any corporation or organization concerned about its stakeholders, its reputation and potential financial loss.


Enterprise-wide consulting on preparedness, mitigation, response and remediation

There is a longstanding admonition in the planning process—“it’s not the plan, it’s the planning.” We help our clients through the full cycle of planning and preparation, aid them in indentifying and protecting critical assets, and develop business continuity plans that ensure the enterprise responds to significant incidents without compromising ongoing operations and remediates identified problems.

Global threat intelligence

The world is drowning in raw information. SDI’s internationally renowned experts are intimately familiar with existing and emerging threats, and understand how to use information to inform and educate, turning data into actionable intelligence.

Real time incident response and cyber crisis management support

There are times at which breaches occur, and cross the threshold to pose a significant threat to an enterprise. We provide immediate incident response support, ensuring our clients have external support available whenever they need it.

Board and corporate governance roles

We work with corporate boards and senior management to clearly delineate specific policies, governance frameworks, roles and responsibilities to ensure rules are set, expectations are established, and mechanisms are in place to govern the cybersecurity program.

Cyber Training and Exercises

We train members of the incident response team in their roles and responsibilities, and validate response planning through simulated attack exercises that feed back into the planning loop.

Stakeholder communications strategic counsel

When an enterprise suffers a major breach its reputation is at risk. We offer sophisticated stakeholder identification and planning processes to ensure the concerns of key stakeholders are addressed and damage to the client’s reputation is minimized.

Public affairs, legislative and regulatory counsel, and advocacy

Our decades of experience in public affairs and advocacy enable us to effectively advance our clients’ interests in multiple governmental venues.

Management and employee awareness and training

One of the significant threats to an organization comes from its own employees. We train employees to understand the threats posed by social engineering, to follow best practices at home and at work, to become part of the cyber defense.
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