Exploring the Cybersphere: October

You can never get your fill of Chinese. Obama should hold Xi accountable on cyber security The Hill National Security Advisor Susan Rice said Monday that “cyberespionage for economic gain by China is putting enormous strain on U.S.-China relations and needs to stop.” So often, the focus of cybersecurity and intelligence experts is on military[…]

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

“Even a man who is pure at heart/And says his prayers by night/May become a wolf when the wolf-bane blooms/And the moon is full and bright.” – The Wolf Man When the days grow shorter and the darkness of night tightens its grip on the northern hemisphere there comes a quickening in the pulse of[…]

Here’s Our Assurance About Cyber Insurance

As the cyber threat to businesses around the world has grown, so has interest in insuring against losses related to cyber crime. An increasing number of insurance providers have begun offering cyber threat products, and the expectation is that the market will grow dramatically. Financier states that between 2012 and 2014, the size of the[…]

What’s PII Got to do with Digital Identity, Satellite Citizenship and Estonia?

“It’s like hearing your bodyguard was robbed outside your front door.”  That wonderfully graphic description captures the reality of learning that hackers stole personal information belonging to about 15 million T-Mobile wireless customers and potential customers in the U.S., including Social Security numbers, home addresses, birthdates and other personal information from credit reporting agency Experian.[…]