Exploring the Cybersphere- March 2016

This week in our blog, we offer a snapshot of cybersecurity, privacy and data security news of interest to the executive suite. Periodically, we’ll recap insights from the growing cadre of voices in this space as well as lend our own views on the issues that impact executive governance of cyber risk and response. Many[…]

This Changes Everything

Well, changes everything may be a slight exaggeration. But, an FBI raid in early March on Tiversa, a Pittsburgh-based security company, whose business model involves examining filesharing networks and offering to help companies identify when their data has been stolen or leaked, is forcing a hard look at both the business practice and the Federal[…]

Slick Willie Meets the Dark Shadow

What do the Slick Willie, the Boss Hogg, the Bad Tuna and the Dark Shadow have in common with the Snake Bite, the Rabbit Hole, the Alley Cat and the Catch-22? How does the Flea Flicker work? Can you patch the Leaky Boot? The answers to these questions can be found in the latest Data[…]

Knaves Are After a King’s Ransom

There are times in which March really does blow in like a lion. Take, for example, March 1, 1932. On that day, Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Jr., 20-month-old son of famous American aviator Charles Lindbergh, was kidnapped, beginning one of the most infamous criminal cases in American history. During the search of the Lindbergh home a[…]