Did the Founding Fathers Anticipate Cyber Attacks?

The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: “’I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’” President Ronald Reagan One of the many shopworn bromides President Reagan was fond of uttering was the classic put down that captured the essence of concern about the intrusiveness and effectiveness of big government—“I’m from the government[…]

Naked on Top of the World

I stood high upon a mountaintop Naked to the world In front of Every kind of girl From Spill the Wine Eric Burdon “War” My favorite Eric Burdon song is “The House of the Rising Sun,” done when The Animals were a leading part of the British Invasion  headlined by The Beatles, and featuring the[…]

This Means War! (or does it?)

“About four p.m., the enemy’s artillery in front of us ceased firing all of a sudden, and we saw large masses of cavalry advance: not a man present who survived could have forgotten in after life the awful grandeur of that charge. You discovered at a distance what appeared to be an overwhelming, long moving[…]

The Board Whisperer?

English writer Nicholas Evans authored best seller, “The Horse Whisperer,” in 1995. The book became a movie directed by Robert Redford who also starred in it along with British actress Kristin Scott Thomas and Scarlet Johansson. As I recall, the movie lasted longer than some Hollywood marriages. But it had its moments. As the name[…]