Exploring the Cybersphere – July 2016

This week in our blog, we offer a snapshot of cybersecurity, privacy and data security news of interest to the executive suite. Periodically, we’ll recap insights from the growing cadre of voices in this space as well as lend our own views on the issues that impact executive governance of cyber risk and response. As[…]

What the Heck is BEC?

British Emporium Consultancy? Nope. Business Enterprise Controls? Closer, but no. BEC is the acronym for business email compromise. One of the contributions the era of cyber theft is making is the enrichment of the language. Phishing begot whaling, and on it goes. A week ago my daughter casually mentioned that her boyfriend, who works as an independent[…]

We Can Rule Out the Hamburglar

Some stories are hard to swallow. Take for instance, fast food restaurant chain Wendy’s, which announced in January of this year that it had suffered a breach of unknown magnitude. Wendy’s hired an investigative firm, and in May indicated that about 300 of its 5,800 locations had been affected. Two months later, it appears that[…]

The Copernicus Effect

Nearly 500 years ago Nicolaus Copernicus published a theory that turned the world on its head.  He proposed that the sun was as the center of the universe, and that the earth was a planet revolving around the sun. His heliocentric theory met with abundant skepticism, for it flew in the face of accepted scientific[…]