Sabre Rattling in Cyberspace

Chile is a South American success story, emerging from decades of tumult to become a stable, prosperous nation. But roughly a hundred years ago, Chile was torn by conflict between President Arturo Alessandri and the conservatively controlled congress. Congress had refused to pass any measures proposed by Alessandri, but they did find time to vote[…]

Only 40 Thieves Would Be a Blessing

The history of the use of passwords is long and rich. We can imagine a Roman sentry standing in rainy mist challenging a shape looming out of the darkness. But the use of passwords may well have started long before Rome ruled its empire. Perhaps the most remembered password in history is “Open Sesame,” the[…]

Is True Cybersecurity No Longer an Illusion?

Appleton is a typically friendly Wisconsin town that straddles the Fox River and lies close enough to Green Bay to host Packer fans who find that if you wait too long, you can’t get a reservation in Green Bay during football season. Perhaps its most famous citizen was the famous illusionist Erik Weisz. If you[…]