Exploring the Cybersphere – March 2017

This week in our blog, we offer a snapshot of cybersecurity, privacy and data security news of interest to the executive suite. Periodically, we’ll recap insights from the growing cadre of voices in this space as well as lend our own views on the issues that impact executive governance of cyber risk and response. March[…]

Always Ready, Always There… (and there too?)

Here’s a little piece of obscure history, the longest serving component of the United States armed forces is the Army National Guard. That’s right, the first militia regiments were organized by the General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1636. Beginning with the Pequot War in 1637, the Army National Guard has participated in[…]

Hey, Smalls

In 1973, a book by British economist E.F. Schumaker took the world by storm, challenging conventional western economic theory, and championing the notion that appropriate scale was critical to long term sustainability. The book, “Small Is Beautiful: A Study of Economics as If People Mattered,” was hugely influential, as it mixed philosophy with economics to[…]

What If “Cyber” Is The Wrong Word?

This week’s post is written by George Platsis, the newest member of SDI’s cyber team. George focuses on human factor vulnerabilities related to cybersecurity, information security, and data security by separating the network and information risk areas.  Here he raises an interesting question. Often, how you characterize a problem will determine your plan of attack[…]