Not long ago a law was passed that fundamentally changes consumer privacy expectations. It forces companies to reveal what data they collect. It gives users the right to delete that data and prevent its sale. Companies will be required to explain how they handle user data and list the categories of personal information that the[…]

InAPPropriate Permissions

Mata Hari, Belle Boyd, Kim Philby, Klaus Fuchs, Aldrich Ames, the redoubtable Sidney Reilly, and Android. Android? Why yes, the world’s best-selling mobile operating system has joined the ranks of infamous spies, albeit in a somewhat less glamorous fashion than that associated with others on the preceding list. As reported by CNET, “Researchers from the International[…]

Hacking the Mind

For those living under a rock, 2020 Presidential Elections are in the news.  Therefore, you will undoubtedly begin to hear more of the standard talking points: “we must protect the elections from being hacked” or some variation of that.  Let’s be clear: the only way you can “hack an election” is by actually changing the[…]

The Breach: What Does It Cost You?

2018 was littered with breaches and cybersecurity stories.  Expect more of those in 2019 because if there is a silver bullet that will solve all our cyber problems, I haven’t seen it yet. For all the work that is being done surrounding cybersecurity, I wanted to start off 2019 with a piece that focuses directly[…]